Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing Like.....


A nice hot shower with endless running water after 6 days of Sponge Baths.

I always remember when l would go camping ....in a tent.....one of the best things was coming home and having the first hot shower in days.  It seems like such luxury, and so many of us are so use to it, we take it for granted.

I guess l am just like our ancestors having sponge baths, when it was only a Sunday event to have baths.  Actually l remember my Dad would have a sponge bath every other day when l was a kid, at least in the beginning.  He grew up in Holland, and when l visited there when l was 15 (Yoowzers - 30 years ago), l remember how much of a chore it was to have a shower.  It was in the back porch, which was very cool in the winter time, and they would have to fire up the water heater, then wait.

Kind of like what l have to do now.....lol

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