Monday, May 7, 2012

The Blues

Hunh, who would have thought that l would have gone through a little blue mood this weekend.  It actually started on Friday, and that's why l hunkered down on the weekend.  I needed to sort out my thoughts.

I was actually homesick.  ME.  Miss love to travel.  Miss independent.  I was feeling lonely and was wondering if l could do this.  I guess it just hit me that l won't be home for a good number of weeks.  At least before when l travelled l was home every other weekend and l could see friends then.  I was analyzing my feelings, and l wonder if some of it had to do with me already being on the road for 10 months with my other job.

Maybe that's why some of the blues hit.  This job would be easier if l did have a significant other with me.  Then l wouldn't feel so alone.  But since l don't have a significant other, l guess it's just me.

Today l am better.  So hopefully those monsters will stay at bay.  I want to make this work. :-)  I will have an adjustment phase, so l will have to be patience with it.


  1. Not to get all mystical on you but the full moon was about illuminating things that have been hiding and seeing the truth. Brought some stuff up for me, and for you maybe it was about the stuff you wrote about.

    I know that as much as I love being alone, I also get lonely when I'm alone too much and I can imagine I'll have homesick moments too.

    What I'm doing now to prepare is make lists of things to knock me out of that feeling so it doesn't overtake me. There is the phone of course and video-chat too. Plus there are friends in other areas so as long as I connect with them on a semi-regular basis that will help. It is actually driving my initial route a bit in fact. Plus I am building lists of things to do and see in each state so it's not all about work and wandering aimlessly.

    Of course I'm not on the road yet and you are so who knows if this stuff will work or not :)

    But having a plan makes me feel better about it. The world is your playground.... start playing!

  2. Hi Tammy, I was glad to read that you're feeling a better but every person whose blog I have ever read talk about this same thing shortly after they've started living the life. It seems to also fall about this time. If you think it might help, feel free to contact me anytime. You're doing great. I'm very, very proud of you. HugZ!