Friday, May 11, 2012

McDonalds is my Friend


Yep, proud to say l spend a fair amount of time at McDonald's.  Not eating their food mind you, just using their Internet.  Okay, when l am not outside in the parking lot, but inside the restaurant, l do purchase  a hot tea and a muffin.  In Canada, it's only $1.46, a pretty damn good deal.  AND they make the tea properly.  By properly l mean, open the tea bag package, put that lovely tea bag in the cup in Canada l can actually get my Earl Grey too), then ad the steaming hot water.  Perfection.

Funny thing, everywhere l have been in the USA (we are talking McDonald's here - not Starbucks- Starbucks does it right), they put the hot water in the cup and place the tea bag on the side.  It doesn't hit the hot water until l place it in.  Not the end of the world, l agree.  If l am just grabbing the tea and high tailing it out of there, l then have to put the bag in myself and play with it, until it is steeped enough, then pull the bag out and throw it in the trash.  Not the end of the world, sometimes it's the little things that make a day!

I would like to officially Thank McDonald's for the brilliant idea of Free Internet, and any other companies out there doing the same thing!  :-)


  1. I love this post! LOL. It also reminds me of my sister who requests a saucer for her coffee cup no matter where we are. It doesn't matter to her whether it matches, or is even an actual saucer or not. She just needs something under her cup. It makes her happy and she always says with a smile as the waitress hands it to her, "It's the little things in life, ya know?" :)

  2. Yep, those little things ... I love my seat belt cushion thingy, just a little pad that goes around the seat belt strap and keeps it from bugging my neck.

    BTW - most Office Depots in Canada have free wifi and many Safeway stores.

    This might work for you when you are in Canada - we have a Roger's smartphone (0 dollars with a 3 year plan), a 150 min anytime plan ($25/month), a 2 GB data plan ($25/month) and unlimited long distance ($10/month) ... I use the phone as a wifi hotspot to connect with the laptop anywhere there is cell service. So for $60/month I get my phone, long distance and internet when on the road. (or as our main system now that we are full-time in our trailer). Plus the phone acts as a GPS, map, and whatever. You might not need the minutes or the long distance but the 2 GB data would give you Internet anywhere.

    I run 5 websites with this system and have not gone over the 2 GB limit yet. (Go easy on the video downloads ... :) Give me a shout if you're thinking of going this route ...

    Love the daily updates - keep on keeping on!


  3. I'll look into that Les. Thanks. Problem is, l need two phones, one for the USA and one for Canada.....and the Canadian one doesn't let you "snow bird" it anymore - meaning put your service on hold while out of the country.

    USA is easy enough, just using pay as you go.