Monday, February 13, 2012

Who's watching?

So, l have to admit, it's been a bit hard coming up with topics worthy to write about on this blog.  I am travelling, just not in an adventure kind of way.  And unless the area l go to is "touristy", there isn't much to do, which doesn't leave me much to "chat" about.

I also have another concern, is if you know my name and do a web search for me, this blog comes up.  Which is a good thing, l can have old friends find out about this blog, get new readers etc...  and l can also have my employers find out about it.  Which isn't so good.  There are things that l just can't write about right now, but l will later.  I don't mean to sound so secretive, l'm just protecting my employment position.

I don't think they have looked online.  I haven't had anyone at work comment about this blog, and l haven't mentioned to anyone there that l write a blog.  I just don't know.

So l am still here, and l am still alive, just not much to comment on.

Well, there is one thing......has anyone else noticed the increased male traffic near the card isle in the Walmarts, Targets...etc?  These guys look almost scared that if they don't pick out the right card for their Valentine they will be thrown in the dog house.  Maybe they will.

My opinion is, l don't want someone to buy me a gift because "society" says today is the day, but because they are inspired to do it.  That and 35 cents will get ya, well, nothing!



  1. Yeah I get ya Tammy. Figured your stealth plans were well underway even if you're not so vocal about it. And hey, in my opinion the non-touristy places are more interesting than the touristy ones.

    Those are the places on my "to see" list once I get moving.

  2. Never be afraid of a simple post..I do lots of them..gets easier with time..readers seem to like the regularity more than the length of the post..try and look at some of the other blogs..enjoying your blog very much..