Thursday, February 9, 2012


[caption id="attachment_577" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Fire trucks in the night"][/caption]

Nothing too crazy exciting, but in the big small town of Lincoln, Nebraska...this rates pretty high up there, at least for my time in Lincoln, so far.

I was laying in bed in the hotel, trying to fall asleep, which usually isn't hard, tonight it is a bit of a challenge since l had a wee nap at 6pm.  Not on purpose, mind you, it just sort of happened when l was laying on my bed after work watching some news.

Well l guess the news l missed while dosing, l get to witness first hand now.

I could hear fire trucks in the distance, getting closer.  Imagine my surprise when they pulled into the hotel parking lot, lights flashing, sirens going.  Of course, instinct was to give a test sniff of the air to see if l smelt any smoke.  Negative.  No smoke. No immediate danger for me.

A couple doors down from me,  yes, l did peek through the peep hole.   I guess someone wasn't feeling well and had front desk call 911.  They came in, strapped her up on the stretcher and rolled her out.  She was conscious, no blood, all very tame.  I hope she's okay, there wasn't anyone really attending to her as she rolled by, maybe just heading for some tests.



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  1. Ooo excitement! Fire trucks are so pretty :)

    I hope that person is ok too.