Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hanging at the Airport

One thing with this job, is l spend a lot of time in Airports or up in the air.  Right now l am hanging out in Lincoln, Nebraska's airport.  Not a lot to do here, but at least there is free Wi-Fi.  All airports should get on board with that, sadly they are not.

It was a beautiful sunny day here today.  My jacket was off, but sweater on.  Lincoln is a big, small town.  They love their football.  Not a lot to do here, and l am looking forward to heading home.

I'm heading off to Wisconsin on Monday.  I've been there before, but not the same town.  It's a small town too.  Marshfield has 17,000 people.  I think l will be catching up on some Netflix in the evenings.  lol


1 comment:

  1. Free wi-fi is always a good thing. I got to spend some time in Wisconsin last summer and it was beautiful country. Can't wait to make my way back there someday!

    Have a great trip :)