Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Luck and Work

I have been busting my tail the last 10 days here in Kamloops, BC.  The project l am working on was a bit hard.  I'm commission sales and the first 3 days, l sold nothing!!!!  It's nice to see that perseverance and the right attitude has paid off.  Things all fell into place the last couple of days.  I have one day left, and l might be able to add to the pot a bit before l fly out Thursday night.

I've beaten the sales of the team that was here before me, and that's always a good feeling.  Yes, l am a bit competitive.  Not a 'rub it in your face' but more of a 'hey, l did alright'.

Last night l got an email from my travel agent that l was going to be going to Johnson, Tennessee, and what flights did l want.  I made my choice, things were going along swimmingly.

Then today l got a text from my inside co-worker that l wasn't going to Johnson, the project wasn't ready yet, and that l was going to be going to Lincoln, Nebraska.  You may think, wow, big deal.  Nothing exciting about either one of those choices.

With Johnson, TN, l was thinking of calling up a friend in Virginia, and meeting up for the weekend for lunch or dinner (yes, it's a bit of a drive, but not nearly as far as Toronto to Virginia).  That would have been a nice thing to see her.  Its been a while.  I'm glad l never sent the e-mail last night suggesting it to her, thereby avoiding having to cancel on her.

Now with my project changing to Lincoln, NB, l am within driving distance to get some training in with a new job prospect on the weekend that l am in Nebraska.  The great thing about  that is, l get to save about $1000 out of my own pocket for airfair and what not.  And work an extra two weeks at my current job.  How cool is that!!!!