Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amish in Wisconsin


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I am in Marsfield, Wisconsin for 11 days.  Not much to do in the area, it's cold here, not much snow and it's a small town in the middle of the state.

The other day when l was travelling from Marshfield to Colby for an appointment, as l was at a stop sign a horse and enclosed buggy went by me.  At first l was surprised, and then l thought, "how cool it that!".

When l got home l looked up the Amish lifestyle on the Internet where l learned that they use horse and buggy for travel,  they don't use electricity, they don't heat their homes  or cook with gas, if they have a phone, it's not in their house, and usually shared by a few families and located between farms, and they still use animal power to farm their fields.

Today l saw another go by when l was on the way to the store to grab some food for dinner.  This buggy wasn't enclosed, the family inside looked cold.  They had a blanket covering their legs but the upper half of their body was protected from the frigid weather by their coats.

It made me think, they don't have to worry about rising gas prices.   l wonder if l could get a couple of horses to pull my van.







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  1. Yes Maria; Last night l spent quiet a bit of time on the internet researching the Amish lifestyle. Kind of like what we have planned (religious-ness excluded). Simple lifestyle, except ours will be on the road.