Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leaping Ahead

Even though February this year has an extra day in it, February is almost over.  And to me that means spring is just around the corner.  Yippee!!!

Of course l cheat a little bit, when l look at the weather forecast, l jump to the 10 day outlook, and March is there now, and milder temperature.

Only 5 weeks left until a new chapter for me.  Maybe when l get to spend the weekend at home the weather will be mild enough that l can get my hands on some van renovations.  That would be good.  When l was home last weekend, l went through some of my closet, bagging up unused clothes for the Salvation Army.  I still have a bunch of T-Shirts to go through and a seemingly large amount of socks and under-ware.  Living out of a suitcase for 10 days at a time really lets you see how much excess you have.  Crazy Stuff!!!!

Seeing all that stuff helps put a major damper on shopping and spending money also.  Not that l am much of a shopper anyways but sometimes when you see sales advertised, ya think, well maybe there will be something l can't resist at such a good price.  It is such a good price if it's not needed though?  That is the question.

I can understand why people shop incessantly, it can be tempting, and this is coming from me, me whose skin crawls when l get too close to a mall.

A cure to the "shopping therapy" is the "bag it up for Salvation Army" and picture all those dollar bills going out of your life for stuff you really didn't need.  Cures it fast.

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