Monday, February 27, 2012

Next stop....home

Well, l just found out where my next deal will be.  I will actually be inside in the Toronto office.  I guess my work partner changed her mind about working "inside" since the deal will be close to home this time and the fiance won't miss her and she can be home at nights.

Just another reason why l will be happy when l only have to count on 33 days!!!!!  Yeah!!!  I guess l have officially started my count down since l have converted the time into a number of days.

[caption id="attachment_601" align="aligncenter" width="296" caption="Count Down Begins"][/caption]

I'm trying to look at the change in my situation in a positive light.  Because not less then 4 weeks ago this same person said they never wanted to go on the road again and would l be okay if she just worked inside.  I'm really getting the feeling that she only thinks of herself and only does what suits her.

So, back to the positive spin, that means l will have a weekend at home when l am not doing my ' visiting rounds', laundry, all the things that need my attention because l have been gone for 10 days.  A weekend puttering around with the van then?  Could be.  Just depends on the weather.  I can work with 45 - 50 degrees and sun.  I won't kid you and say no matter what l will be in there cleaning and such if the snow is flying and it's bitter cold. Ain't going to happen. So l will be tapping the 'good weather' dance the next couple of days/weeks.

Wow, 33 days.  It's coming full steam ahead.  And not a moment too soon.