Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend.  I guess l need to go back to work to catch up on sleep!   Not that l sleep at work, that would be dangerous since l drive from appointment to appointment.  It just means l can go to bed at 8pm if l need to catch up on sleep.  Not that l will, but just the thought of it is comforting.

My weekend on home turf was great.  I caught up with a lot of friends, visited my Grandpa who is looking a lot better and starting to get out of the hospital bed, which is good news.

I'm flying to Lincoln, Nebraska this afternoon.  That means l am heading from no snow to a foot of snow.  Yeah!  (not) I just have to think in my mind that spring is coming, spring is coming, to help me get through trudging through the snow.  Silly me, l was hoping or Capri's and sandals on this trip.

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