Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that l would be cold last night sleeping in bed.  I have the same blankets on, okay, they are no longer doubled up because l am in a HEATED HOUSE.  I was chilly and kept my socks on all night. 

I think l will have to double up a blanket or two in the bed.  I don't want to buy a new blanket since what l have now is more then enough for the van life. 

Maybe l should bring Mr. Buddy in?  lol

EDIT;  As l was sitting at my computer my wonderful brain kicked in about an hour ago and reminded me that l had shut the vents in the summer when l stayed here for a couple of extremely hot days to kill the excessive air-conditioning that was blowing.  It's warmed up nicely now.  Duh!


  1. There may be a draft somewhere. Take a candle around the place and see if it flickers in any spot. I found that under my door there was a gap and didn't see it until the candle test. The draft is the worst !!!

    1. See my edit Michelle. But thanks for your suggestion!

  2. Are the kitties happier now?
    Hope the new digs are close for work.

  3. Glad you kept Fiona - that is awesome. Even more awesome is knowing that you are safe and warm for the winter. :) Stay in touch! HugZ.