Monday, November 12, 2012

Next Stage -For Now

The last couple of days have been very nice and mild.  The sun has shone which has made the daytime in the van oh, so very comfortable.  Which makes it hard to leave.  Yes, that's right.  To leave. 

I have decided to rent the basement of a friends house for the next couple of months.  Okay, until April.  I just couldn't risk the cats attraction to the Buddy heater anymore.  Or my guilt on leaving them in a cold van while l was at work.

I will still be keeping Fiona, and plan on moving back into her in April and continuing the van dwelling lifestyle.  And if l can make it down to the south next year come winter, beyond that.

So now l have more room then l know what to do with, the cats are enjoying the freedom to move around more then 80 square feet while l am not there to let them out.

I am sure l will go through sunshine with drawl living in the basement. Of course, day trips are not out of the question.  I can already see myself heading to work early to hang out in my van.


  1. One of the advantages of being mobile is the flexibility to no be mobile if you don't want to be. Which is exactly what you're doing :)

  2. You have to do whats best for your family. I ditto to what Maria says. What ever makes you feel comfortable.

  3. You gotta love spell check (or word complete, whatever it is called). In this case withdrawal from sunshine mysteriously becomes a (perhaps) Freudian slip to a euphemism for going south (with drawl), y'all.

    1. Yes, spell check got me late at night after a long day! I'll leave it as is because l like the freudian slip.