Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am continually amazed at my brain and how much information it holds.  How if you worry on a problem it seems to keep running from you, but if you stick it in the back of your mind it works itself out.

Like yesterday.  I had a problem with the heat in the basement l just moved into.  As l was sitting at my computer - moved on to something else - l had an epiphany, that l had shut the vents earlier in the year. 

I have misplaced things in the past and have torn up my van (or home, or work place) looking for them to no avail, l then say, okay l need to remember where this or that is, then l  move on to something else taking my mind off of my problem and out of the blue the answer pops into my head. 

I'm sure you have experienced the same if only when you try to remember something and for the life of you can't....until two o'clock in the pops into your brain the actor that was in that movie....etc...etc...

I love that shit!  I find now l don't fret as much, l give it to my brain, or the universe to solve for me.  It makes my life much easier!

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