Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crack A Window

I don't think l mentioned in a prior blog post that l grabbed a few pieces of insulation from J and put them in black garbage bags and stuffed them in a couple of key places.  One in the side door step and two in the cab door steps.  I was having a bit of a breeze come through those area's until the insulation was put in.

It sealed it up nicely.  Maybe too nicely.

The net two days l was running Mr. Buddy to take the chill off.  When l decided to go to bed the first night l was feeling a bit nauseous.  I NEVER sleep with the heater running.

I didn't think too much off it since many people l know are getting sick this time of year, and they live in sticks and bricks and here l am in a cold van at night, healthy as a horse.

They next day l lit Mr Buddy again, started feeling nauseous again, went to the gym, felt better, then later that night, nauseous again.....and yes the heater was on again.  The light went off in my head (of course it seems simple in hind sight) l'm poisoning myself.

I've cracked a window and felt better ever since.  So when they say crack a window - it's important!


  1. And here I was thinking about an actual crack :P

  2. That is so scary! Glad you're safe, and feeling better.

  3. Wow, the secret perils of insulation! Who knew?