Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I've Caught A Cold

For almost 8 months l lived in my van, through all kinds of weather- hot as hades to pretty darn cold, and now that l am living in a house with heat and all the modern conviences and  l catch a cold!  Really?  Must be all those cooties.

I've got the sniffles and a soar throat.  I am in denial about it since l refuse to be sick however l do have a box of tissues nearby and am eating Fisherman Friends.  Maybe l should move back into the van to be healthy!!!!


  1. You caught the cold from your kitties slobbering all over you!
    Take care of yourself

  2. Maybe its because your around people more in a controlled place? The reason we get sick in the first place is NOT because of weather getting colder or because its cold one day and warm the next its because we get together in a warm environment and share our germs. Hospitals keep their ER rooms freezing and the rest of the hospital cold..guess why...to kill germs. So you may not be toasty warm in your van but your killing germs!!
    Feel better!

  3. Vitamin D drops and some sleep...could just be your body adjusting! I wasn't sick for a year and then when i decided to set down a root here in New Brunswick I got sick instantly.

  4. Could be mold in the basement too but even I have been a little stuffy lately and I rarely get sick. Peroxide in each ear will help a lot - just wait until it stops tickling and buzzing before you drain it out. Mega doses of Vitamin C and lots of water to flush everything out.

    Or just move back into the van :)

  5. Suz, the kitties don't slobber, but l am looking after the household dog. Don't think she has those kind of cooties!

    Michelle, l think you've nailed it on the head. Lots of people l have been around at work and friends have been sick. It just caught up to me!

    Travelling Man, Got the sleep yesterday, helped alot. I haven't tried the D drops. I thought D was for building bones and such?

    Maria, no, not mold, not that kind of basement. If l had the peroxide l would have tried that. Instead it's Buckleys "taste gross but it works"

  6. I hope you are feeling better today Tammy! Happy Thanksgiving! HugZ and blessings to you and the kitties.