Friday, November 30, 2012

Miss The Van Living

I miss living in my van, but l sure don't miss the cold (or the singed kitties!).

It's below freezing today, and snow is expected this afternoon which should make for a fun commute to work.  I don't mind driving in the snow, grew up doing it. Actually had my very first driving lesson in a snow storm when l was sweet sixteen.   It's all those other knuckle brain ding bats that l worry about.

Even yesterday, on dry roads the car behind me got rear ended.  I'm just glad it wasn't me.  Makes me think l should buy a sleeve for my trailer hitch so the hitch and frame will take the blow and not the body of Fiona.  I did unload the box on the back of Fiona about a month ago.  It's at a friends house in their garage.  I wasn't really using the stuff in there (water hoses, various tools, camp stuff), and didn't see any need for it over the winter.

Part of my living arrangement is moving my van from the driveway first thing in the morning when l wake up.  I was parking on the road, but got a ticket one night.  I don't think the neighbours like me parking on the road since my friend S lived here for 5 years and only got 2 tickets for parking on the street every night during that time.

So when l wake up between 6am and 7am l got out in the cold and move it.  I'm very glad that l get to wake up in a warm bed, then brace the cold.  I'm counting down the days until Spring and to be living back in my van (only 4 months).


  1. Maybe a summer project could be to insulate Ms. Fiona.....cooler in the heat as well.

  2. Some reason I didn't get an update to your last 3 blogs....grrrr Glad your doing OK. Yeah its the holidays and the accident rates are going sky high. Be careful out there.