Sunday, November 4, 2012

Almost Every Problem Can Be Solved

I am learning more and more everyday that almost every problem can be solved.

On a small scale with me living in my van, l have fixed the heat issue nicely.  Not that it was too much of a problem, l did have heat, l had my furnace, but was worried about draining the battery if l only depended on it.  Then l bought the Buddy, and l had another source of heat, it might have been in those $5 a bottle green propane cylinders, however, l never had to worry about my battery supply.  Just my 1lb bottle supply, and Walmart was getting low on them (it's the off season and Sandys' warning made them have a run on them).

I'm now running the heat off a 20lb tank that l filled for $15.  It should last me 20 times as long right? For less then a 5th of the cost.Nice!  Problem solved.

Last night it got down to freezing, of course l don't sleep with the heat on.  I'm happy to report that l am still comfortable, l hope l can continue this way during the night.

Should l feel pangs of guilt for my cats?  They curl up with me at night on top of my covers - is that enough?  And there is no heat for them when l am at work for 5 hour stretches - should l worry?  They have blankets to sleep on and cozy little spots to curl up in.....I don't know if it would be safe to leave the heater (Mr. Buddy) on for them when l am working.  And l won't leave it on when l sleep at night, so is it any different?

I guess l still need to solve this problem. :-)


  1. I wouldn't worry about the cats if I were you. They will get up under the covers when they get too cold to lay on top of them. I know mine does. She will always find herself the warmest spot to curl up in.

  2. As to the Mr. Buddy, the instructions say it is OK as far as using it "under adult supervision" or something like that, if you have some small amount of ventilation so there is a source of Oxygen. Otherwise it shuts off. But I would be worried about the cats tipping it over or bumping into it and being burned if you aren't there. I would get something warm with blankets or something to curl up in.

    As to the bulk propane tank, they only hold about 80% of capacity or 16 lbs. Still, 16 of the 1 lb containers is a whole lot more than $15

  3. I bought this book called The Complete Book of Boondock RVing, by Bill and Jan Mueller. It has complete instructions on how to set up a solar system in an RV! An electric blanket may be the answer...or just one light bulb makes a toasty puddle of heat for kittys! I used to leave the "light" on for my chickens when I had them. How much back up battery power it would use I dont know...I did read a blanket comsumes about 2 kilowatt hrs a day.

  4. A enclose bed for them to sleep in? You know one of those cat igloo type a bed. Its a smaller area so they retain the heat in their bodies better. Something like this?>>>>

    Like others say I wouldn't worry to much about it. They get use to it.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I would love to get a solar setup....just need more sun in the winter!!! LOL

    Michelle, l have looked at Walmart for something for them, thanks for the link. I will now try a pet store, they are bound to have something like you linked for me.

    Sondra, l will look for a 12 volt electric blanket...maybe at a truck stop?

  6. I've had both outdoor and indoor cats and what I found is that the outdoor ones grew a nice coat in the winter and actually didn't like coming inside. They had a heated cat house btw which they rarely used.

    The ones that seemed to have the most problems with weather were the indoor/outdoor cats because they were inside enough of the time to not develop that winter coat. Since yours are mostly in colder weather I think they'll be fine, and like everyone else said they'll snuggle up together in some blankets should they get too cold.