Thursday, November 22, 2012

I've Gone And Done It

What have l done?  Well, my lifestyle has influenced a friend of mines father. 

He's been a bit of a wanderlust kind of guy his whole life.  I've known S (my friend) for almost 14 years, and so by association, her father.  About 4 months ago l became a topic of conversation between S and her father, and she mentioned that l lived in my van, in a Walmart parking lot.

A light bulb went off for Mr. M.  And he started to contemplate that path for himself.  He hasn't had a very, shall we say, stable life (l'm am seeing similarities, don't you worry, l'm not that much in denial).

Yesterday S spoke with her father and he is purchasing a small 22 foot C class, and shall we say.....the rest is history (to be written)!

Happy Thanksgiving my American Friends.  I'm still battling my cold, but l am gaining the upper hand.


  1. You're like those kids our Mommies wouldn't let us play're a "bad influence". LOL
    Hope your cold is better.

  2. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish - sorry I'm just now seeing this. Glad you are feeling better. Influencing someone to buy a 22' can only be viewed as positive from my perspective, stable or not. :) You kept yours and he bought his. Good for both of you! Now your friend next. ;)