Thursday, November 29, 2012

Death On Facebook

I went on a cruise about 10 years ago with some friends.  While travelling and partying on the big boat, you meet people.  Chances of meeting up with these people again is pretty slim, but you exchange e-mail addresses and become Facebook friends (not sure if it was around then).

The other day, l logged into Facebook and found out that one of the ladies l met on that cruise had passed away.  Her kids had gone on her Facebook account and announced her death.  I hadn't 'seen' this women in 10 years, however l felt l have known her the whole time.  I've seen pictures of her other excursions, commented on her posts, and seen her life through Facebook.

She had posted a picture of herself and kids just the day before her death.  I felt as though l had just seen her the other day and was surprisingly affected by her death.  If it wasn't for Facebook, l wouldn't have known this women through the years, and l wouldn't have known she died.

So as much as Facebook has it's glitches, it's a pretty amazing thing.

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  1. We're becoming a more virtual and less "real" world all the time. I've actually "heard" people speak when I know I was just reading an email or post somewhere and had dreams where people don't speak but the words appear above their heads.

    It's no wonder that people we have never met, or have only met once a long time ago are as real to us as the ones we see every day.