Monday, December 31, 2012

Keeping The Van

So l've come to a decision.  I'm going to keep the van.  It helped that l wrote the blog yesterday, defining my decisions to all of you, making it clear for me also.

As l was waiting for the guy to come and look at the van l was hoping that he wouldn't show up so l wouldn't be tempted by an offer.  He granted my wish and didn't show up to look at it.

I'm going to live in it one more summer, l felt that if l gave it up and moved to a sticks and bricks l would be mobile l will stay -- as soon as it's not freezing cold outside.  :-)

So, Happy New Year Everyone!!!!  The Best to You and Yours!!


  1. Good to hear of your decision because for you ,you knew it was right.
    Happy new year Tammy

  2. So happy you've changed your mind!! I have been away from the keys for awhile but just checked in to see the for sale post!! Then saw this one and thought...she's come to her senses! ;)

    Winters are tough, summers are tough...but it's an awesome feeling to be free!! You just need some solar panels now (me too) and you will be laughing!

    1. Yeah, solar panels are in the future as well as a vent fan. The decision is whether to rip out the Air-conditioner and put it there or cut a new hole and put it a new spot.

  3. I want you to do whatever YOU need to do, but.... I would have been so sad had you sold her. Glad you're keeping the van. :)