Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not Sold On The Idea

So my van is up for sale, but l'm not sold on the idea of getting rid of it. I have had a few inquires and a guy is coming tomorrow morning to take a look at it.  Is it wrong that l may still not want to sell it?

I love my van, but l have been tossing around what the future holds for me.  In three days l will have two jobs, a day job and a night job.  The plan is to have these jobs for a couple of years and save mad money.  Will l be able to keep these two jobs for two years?  Knowing my track record, it may be a challenge.  I may get bored or more likely - pissed off!!  LOL

The whole reason l am thinking of selling the van is when the summer comes and time to move back in the van, l won't have much time in the van, and if it gets too hot, the cats will be miserable.  A big question is will l be miserable not living in my van and stuck in a sticks and bricks apartment.

A couple of reasons why l was thinking of selling the van was  the price of gas for using it as a daily driver.  One of you guys suggested that l buy a car and have both.  So if l got a beater for a couple grand, and then insure it, l wouldn't be saving anything and l might as well keep the van and put the whole idea of the cost of gas out of my mind and forget about it.

Another reason why l was thinking of selling the van is, l was thinking l would like something just a bit bigger in the future.  It is a bit tight with the cats and the kitty litter.  It's do-able, however Tommy tends to take over the passenger chair and that leaves the sofa/bed for me to lounge on.  And when it gets hot in the summer...... the poor kitties are hot in the van when l am not there.

I have been thinking of ripping out the ceiling air-conditioner, since to run it l have to be plugged in, and replace it with a fan-tastic vent which will run off the batteries and keep the van cooler with air circulating in the summer.

I've also toyed with the idea of renting a spot at the local campground for the summer.  I've also thought l could rent a spot for just the hotter months, and stay at wal-mart or such for the cooler spring and fall, again.

I've got a lot running through my mind and l am trying to sort it out.

When l really think of selling my van l experience a huge sense of sadness, which says alot, doesn't it?

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  1. It says don't do it just yet. Unless he offers you an amazing deal, I'd pass for now and wait until your mind is more settled before making a decision.