Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Excuse This Commerical Break

It seems that we are inundated with commercials now a days.  Since so many of the public have TEVO and are able to skip commercials on TV the advertisers have found other annoying ways to get in front of the public.

I have patiently waited for commercials to finish on the Internet so l could see a news clip/video of some sort that l had clicked on only to find out that because l am in Canada, l can't see the said clip.

It seems that l watch more commercials on the Internet now then any commercials played during my television show viewing days.

Today, l went to the movies to see Lincoln and after shelling out my $8.00(never mind the $8.00 for the popcorn l also shelled out) because even though it's New Years Day, it was still cheap Tuesday, l had to endure 15 minutes of commercials. I saw a couple of cell phone commercials, an insurance commercial, a bank commercial and 3 university/college commercials......and others l can't remember. 

I could understand if l didn't pay any money to view these movies, but l did pay, and that pisses me off.  I might even consider giving up going to the theater and wait until they come out to the REDBOX and pay my $1.50 to view them - commercial free.


  1. I concur -sure is crazy eh?!
    Sure glad you keeping your handsome camper-lol
    Sent u a Happy New Year but for some reason it wud not send when I was just hoping it wouldn't transmit twice like my prior comments haha
    Hope your 1st day at new job was fine.

    1. Thanks Rick! Happy New Year to you also. New job is going well....besides not having time to scratch my ass, that is!!!!