Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dark Cave

Well a few days of self imposed rest and relaxation -  ah, who's kidding who - living in a basement is a wee bit different then living in my sunshine filled van, let me tell you.   My laryngitis is getting better, however the voice will be put to the test again tonight when l go to work.

The last three days l have been holed up in  the basement that l live in and have become a hermit.  I usually become a hermit in the winter, the lack of sunshine and warmth really zap my energy and desire to go outside.  I have a feeling that this year might be worse.  And l am worried about that.  Sure l can make an effort to go outside and bundle up for the weather, however that task might be a bit insurmountable for me.

It doesn't help that my job is in the evenings and l am not forced to get out of bed early and shower and see some day light.  The job l had last year when l started this blog was good for me.  Why?  I was travelling all over North America, and even though l was in some cold parts of the country, there were new things to go see, so l usually got out and about.

Living in a cave for a couple of months might be a bit depressing for me.  I'm counting down the days until l can crawl out of the cave and back into the freedom of the van.  I will really have to come up with a plan for next winter.  There has got to be a way for me to get south!


  1. During the winter I always take extra vitamin d-3 which makes a HUGE difference in how I feel.

    Yeah I think heading south next winter is a stellar idea and I'm sure you can pull it off.

    Glad your voice is returning :)

  2. I live in BC where we don't see the sun for weeks in the winter....get a S.A.D. light....asap! It really helps.

  3. I lived in a basement apartment for 5 yrs, but I had a very stressful job (NYC Paramedic) at the time, so I did 3) 12 hrs shifts 3 days a week and my 4 days off I hibernated in my "cave" in winter. I did have lots of sun as I had a bank of windows on the ocean facing western side of the house..
    A Bright light inside may help As Suz has suggested. Good Luck.

  4. what actually holds you back from coming south...?

    1. Micheal, it's the money. :-(

      Sondra, Yes, l think the light might be a solution.