Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Medical Advice

Since l live in Ontario, Canada and have OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) as all Ontario residents do, I took advantage of a service last night.

I can go to a Doctor or an emergency room for free because of OHIP.  The emergency room was out of the question.  I certainly wasn't having an emergency.  I was just a little concerned that l still have laryngitis.  My voice doesn't seem to be getting any better, but otherwise l feel fine.

Some people do choose to go to the emergency room for little illnesses, which is a problem because when you do end up being sick with an emergency, you now have a bigger wait at the emergency rooms because of these people.

Another choice was a visit to my Doctors office.  Which also seemed extreme since l really wasn't all that sick.  I have been resting my voice, mostly because l have been off for the last couple of days and haven't needed to talk all that much.  I just wanted a little bit of medical advice to know that what l have been doing is about all l can be doing.

So, in walks a new service that has been advertised on the radio and TV for over a year.  It's Tele-Health.  You place a phone call and speak to a nurse practitioner.  Tell them your symptoms and they advise you.  If they think it is worth while for you to go to a Doctor they would tell you to go, or recommend little things for you to do to ease your symptoms.

She said l could have this for two weeks. (great!)  And for me to keep doing what l have been doing, rest my voice, drink warm liquids, rest.  Advice all given to me from the comforts of my couch.


  1. We have that in BC too...great idea.
    Take carf yourself.