Monday, October 31, 2011


I hate being mislead.  I bought parking on-line for my car while l am in Colorado for 18 days.  I bought it online because it was cheaper then previous parking facilities that l have used in the past and then l get dinged by misleading advertising.  That just perturbs me too no end.  I was quoted a price, bought at that price, then was dinged for a shuttle fee, both ways.  Even though on the website and on the stupid piece of paper that l held it was in nice bold blue print "Free Shuttle Service", with small print, this location charges shuttle $5.00 each way.

Since l paid upfront, with restrictions of when l could cancel and get a refund l was stuck.  I paid the money for the shuttle with the famous words "you will need to dispute it with the company you bought it from".  Urgh!

On a happier note, it's Halloween.  Not too many costumes at the airport, although some ticket agents are dressed up.  At my gate there is an Army guy, a cowgirl, and ....l'm not sure....she's in green so l suppose she could be a leprechaun.


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