Sunday, October 30, 2011


The time line for me to purchase a van has been accelerated (my car didn't pass the emmissions test).  The question is do l buy an older year with less miles on it, or more recent year with more miles on it?  That's the quandary l am in.  I'm hoping whatever decision l make it  is the right one, but don't we all hope that!

I'm leaning toward the older year with less miles, ultimately it will depend on what l find.  I will have to look while l am away in Colorado, which will bring upon it's own challenges. Thank God for the beast called the Internet.

After the 3 weeks in Colorado, l will be hitting the road  for 2 weeks again (destination unknown at this point).  Which will bring me to the beginning of December, probably not the best time to look for a vehicle.  Maybe someone will need some money for Christmas presents and l will be there waving the cash it in their face.

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