Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I would think l was an absolute misfit if it wasn't for the the Internet and the "travelling community".  You know who you are.  Then there are the ones, just like me who scour the Internet looking for people just like them.  The ones filled with wanderlust.

I feel the pull of the road everyday.  It is almost torture not being able to go, not being able to get behind the wheel and just move.  No direction necessary, just momentum.  Forward momentum.  It has such an appeal to me.

And so, l have to thank the ones already out there doing it.  I am living vicariously through you.  So, Thank You.  It really is all that is keeping me sane.  To be able to look at your pictures of your rigs, the places you have seen, the adventures you have had. That's where my escape is right now, in your freedom, your adventures.

I wish l could travel full time, on my own schedule, drinking in life.  I am in limbo right now.  Not such a bad place since l do get to travel for work, the only bad thing is it's for work. I do appreciate the weekends, then l get to explore the places l am.  Sometimes there is nothing to explore in the area l am in, then others it's a gift.

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