Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am quite lucky (in my opinion) to have the gift of travel for work.  I know there are people out there that hate the thought of travel for work, but l love it.  It keeps me sane.  I love seeing new sights, meeting new people with their own nuances.  Every town has them.  It's little things that might be hard to see if you just blow through the town.

I'm in each of these towns for two weeks, long enough to learn the towns well (since they are so small), and just long enough to be itching to head out.

Packing for these trips is down to a science.  In the summer l pack all that l need for two weeks in a carry on.  For a girl, that's pretty good.  In the winter l do have to switch to a checked bag, because of the bulk of the sweaters.

I have everything l need for two weeks in a bag.  The only thing l really miss are my two cats, Tommy (12 years) and Charlie (7 years).  So l think living in a van would be easy for me.  And something l am looking forward to.

The last two years l have purged my belongings, from owning a small house with furnishings, to renting a small bedroom from my sister.  I realized it was crazy to need more then a small room.   Most of my clothes l have given to the Sally Ann, sold my furniture, and what l have left, half is still not used, and will be purged when l have time.

Today l am going to be packing for Colorado.  It's easy when you travel so much, you end up emptying your suitcase , doing laundry, then re-packing it with the same stuff.  Only really needing to think about what goes in when the season change.  The in-between seasons are the hardest to pack for, and require more clothes.

I'm looking forward to thie time l can travel with my cats, in a van, with what little l need all there.

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