Friday, October 28, 2011


Today l am spending time and money complying with government regulations. My car has a birthday the same time l do. What that means in Toronto is, l need a new sticker on the car, which is basically a yearly tax on having the privilege of owning and driving a car. It’s not too bad at only $70 a year, if they could do away with the tax that is built into our gas prices, THAT would make me happy!!!!
I guess, when hell freezes over…..the gas tax will disappear. I believe in Ontario it accounts for 53% of the price that we pay at the pump. Right now its $122.9 a liter, which is about a buck more than in the USA and much cheaper than in Europe.
The only kicker to that is Canada does produce enough gas to be self-sufficient. So it doesn't make sense that we pay more than in the USA, when they buy our gas.
The second tax grab on the birthday of my car is every 2 years we have to do a “drive clean test” in Ontario. This is another $35.00. Politicians have started saying that they may do away with it, since they haven’t noticed any difference in air quality in the “Big Smoke” (natives call Toronto that and not because of pollution). We only have a few “smog alert days” a year. Which are a few too many.
I read in an article lately that the good people of Ontario pay about 60% taxes on our income when all is said and done. Between gas tax, property taxes, HST , income taxes, liquor taxes……it’s really never ending. I’m sure if they weren't hidden and had fancy names there would be a revolt. And with good reason in my opinion.

So that 40% that is remaining, you are to pay your mortgage, food, car, entertainment.....etc etc.  Doesn't seem right.

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