Thursday, October 27, 2011

Colorado, here I come!

I received my location for work for the next three weeks.  I'm happy to say, it's Colorado.  I will be spending a week and a half in Gunnison, CO, and then another week and a half in Burlington, CO.  Both are small towns, with under 5000 souls.  Gunnison is up in the mountains, and Burlington is 6 hours away in a flatter area (l think - since l have yet to go).

I am looking forward to boot-in' around and snapping pictures.  I hear some parts have snow already, so coat, hat and mitts will be in order.  And l have to add, that l will be staying in a hotel for the entire time, which l'm okay with.  Living in a RV or a Van would be mighty cold this time of year.

I will be travelling in the United Tin Can, flying from Toronto to Dulles (always boggles my mind to fly in the opposite direction then where l am heading) then Dulles to Colorado Springs.

I'll be sure to drive up to Aspen on my weekend, if only to say that l had been!

Stay tuned for the details.!

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