Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day

It is a snow day in Toronto.  We have had a wee bit of snow, probably about a foot by now, and it's still snowing.

The day job stayed closed today so l am lucky to get paid for staying at home and watching the 6th season of Dexter.  Whoot Whoot. 

The night job, l called at noon and said l wasn't coming in.  I live a half hour drive from the restaurant, on a good day, snow day is worse.  Last night it took me an hour and a half, and it wasn't anything like today as far as volume of snow.  There are other staff that live they can do it.  I did it by myself last night, everyone else was called off. 

I just got back in the house from shovelling the driveway.  Where l am staying the owner is in Florida until tomorrow so her daughter, my best friend, and l shovelled the driveway with ancient metal shovels.  Until, we borrowed the neighbours plastic, light weight shovels.  It made the job so much easier.

When we were shovelling, a young girl turned down the street across from our house and got stuck.  She was turning her wheels while going forward, so l went over to help her out, instructed her to keep her wheels straight, and we pushed.  It went nowhere.  I asked her nicely if l could drive. No need to expend energy for nothing, when you know what they are doing is WRONG!  She let me get behind the wheel and away we went.  I drove her to her house at the end of her street, and walked back to mine.

Her mother was coming down to help her and saw me in the car and said...."who's driving your car??"  I love being in the big trusting city.  :-)

I have noticed my beast of a girl Fiona handles very well in the slippery roads, whether snow or rain, must be her weight, and the mad skills of her owner!!!!

How many more months until spring???  The goal is to be back in Fiona by Mid April again.


  1. I've been reading your blog for about a half hour. I. LOVE. FIONA. Your renovation was beautiful, so white and bright. I still feel like I don't know anything about I'll have to do more back reading. I do know I've got a jealousy of the freedom Fiona represents. Can you really retire after just two years of work?

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