Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kissing The February Blahs Goodbye!

Tomorrow is the last day of February, and all l have to say is Thank God!  This winter has seemed to drag on and on.

We have snow on the ground in Toronto which is an anomaly.  It's been years since it has stuck on the ground for so long.  Usually it melts a couple of days after lands.

We have had a good round of minus 12 degrees Celsius for most of February.  So, am l sad to see this month past.  No Way!!!!

Feb is the shortest month, but seems the longest, and least here in Canada, and for me.

I can't say that l no longer pay rent when the first of the month comes....but that is just a matter of time, mid- to end of April l will be back in the van.  :-)


  1. So did u give your 2 mos notice to vacate with your Mar rent? Lol
    Rick, st catharines

    1. Ah you remember-thanx
      Just got home today from a work trip to New Brunswick, was great!
      I am seriously considering it about moving back into van camper. My country apt is terrific, but is 700 plus hydro plus gas and im not home a whole lot.

    2. Rick that is a fair chunk of change especially when you have an alternative. Good luck with your decision.