Monday, February 25, 2013

I Can't Imagine Life Without.......

The Internet.  I freakin' L.O.V.E. the Internet.

I mean......

Love Love Love it.                          Why?????

Because whenever l need to figure something out....l ask it!  If l need to see what a starter looks like on my van and where it's located, l "You Tube it" with in seconds l see someones video that was posted showing me where it is.

When a program on my computer froze last night, and the help desk was shut down.....l Googled it.  And some guy showed me what to do. This guy will never know how much he helped me out.  My frustration went  down immediately.  I fixed it myself, and l am still waiting for that phone call from the Techie.

And now, when l needed to learn how to take apps off of my phone.....l searched it out and Voila.....l have my answer!

Later tonight l will "NetFlix" something to watch, so l don't have to "wait" for my favorite program to start on TV, this way it works into my schedule.

I started a course expand my mind....and since l now work 9-5 l can't attend classes, but l can watch them on goto meeting and it's as though l am there. Except l am comfy in my P.J.'s

And hopefully one day, l can give up my job and work from the Internet!

So Thank You Internet inventors!

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  1. Love the energy in this post!! I have a love hate relationship with it for all the things you said...hate it for a whole bunch of different reasons!!