Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving Into The 21st Century

I just signed up for my very first Skype account.  How's that for being on the cutting edge!

I haven't done it before since l call the people l want to talk to the 'old fashion' way (no it's not yelling across the farmers field), or l go visit. I have to admit, it is pretty cool, a little strange at first.  But pretty cool.

What prompted me to sign up?  No, it's wasn't Internet, it was an interview for a job.  I seem to be ripping through jobs right now.  I was actually going to suffer though my current job because it was so conveniently close to home right now, and once back in the van, home would be closer.  I have the gym close to work, a Lowes with free wifi around the corner.

One day at work on my lunch hour, for shits and giggles l decided to check to see what was flying around the 'job world'.  An spotted a job l wanted.  No, l mean, l really really wanted it.  I sent in my application, and waited.

The next day l got the call, a telephone interview.  That was followed up by a question and answer email.  There were around 15 questions for me to answer about myself.  After they were approved, a SKYPE interview was set.  Then a second one. Long story short, l got the job.

The best part, my job is located all over Ontario.  I will be travelling around Ontario, small towns mostly, Monday to Friday.

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