Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Changing Times

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job.  I am going to Atlantic City to meet up with a friend on Tuesday April 2nd.  The training for the new job starts April 7th.

The plan is to put a new floor in the van and pack it up before the end of the month, May 1st, when l will be leaving the basement apartment.

Lot's going on.....just the way l like it.

I'm hoping the weather in Atlantic City is gong to be nice.  I'm staying at the Showboat for $22.50  a night, unfortunately the taxes are almost the same price.  LOL  2 Nights $70.  Not bad indeed.

Pictures will follow....promise.  I'm driving Fiona down, l was going to rent a car for the cheaper gas but the rental companies have caught on to us people renting cars and racking up the unlimited miles in 4 days that they will only let you go to the boarding provinces or state.  I could chance it, but don't want a big bill if they find out that l went further.  I'll take Fiona with me, that way if l want a nap halfway will be in comfort!


  1. I'm glad your back. I love the stories of your rambles. Now I have to look up what sort of place charges $22 a night.

  2. So, New?
    How was the trip to atlantic City?
    How is the new. Job?

    How are you?

  3. Hey Tammy- I'm getting a little, I mean a lot concerned about you.I'm sure others are also.
    Hope your trip to Atlantic City was fruitful and fun (can be dangerous). If you began your new job I guess you been at it a couple weeks now. Hope you are enjoying it.
    We haven't heard from you in almost a month!
    -Rick (

  4. I'm with Rick. Worried!
    If you don't check in soon I will have to make up a story of you being Shanghi'ed, where you escape and meet the partner of your dreams and set out to find the "Lost City", where, once found, you become the Queen.

    Don't make me turn your comments section into a cheap romance novel!

  5. Something must have happened. An accident or something

  6. And for the glass half full version. She's happily perusing life, and doesn't feel the need to blog any longer. I like that better than "An accident or something". I'll go with happily busy, till I hear different.

  7. Police verification in progress.
    Possibly car jacked and killed in New Jersey

  8. Breaking news: Full timing Canadian RV Blogger wins Powerball jackpot in New Jersey, buys Island in South Pacific.

  9. Hey Rick, go look in the mirror. What do you see? A jerk? Hey you earned it!