Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patricks' Day Everyone!

I don't seem to have anything worthy to say lately.  I do feel inspired sometimes, and then working in front of a computer all day long at my job zaps that out of me so quick it isn't even funny!!!!

Happy St. Patricks' Day everyone.  I went with a couple of Irish friends to a pub.  Well, actually two pubs.  The first was so crowded we bailed.  The second one we had a bit to eat and listened to some REALLY REALLY bad music.

The bad was terrible.  The wait staff agreed.  They even had to suffer through it Saturday afternoon too.  So how bad was it?  Well, the singers were reading the words for the songs while singing them.  They had no passion were out of key, and one was watching TV as he mumbled the words to "Sweet Caroline".  As far as l know.....that's NOT an Irish song. 

The only saving grace was the Sheppard's Pie and the girls dancing troupe that came in next to entertain us.  They were spunky and full of energy.

On that note.....Cheers!

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