Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Did It

You got me to crawl out of my hole.  Sorry guys to leave you hanging.  I'm alive and doing well.  I didn't mean to worry you, l just didn't know how to break the ice and l certainly never had the time to give the whole story.  Even now, it will just be a summary.

I went to Atlantic City.....and l am sorry to say, as much as l wish, l didn't win the power ball and buy an Island in the Pacific (that would be lovely though).  Nor did l get car jacked.  Although we did drive through the Ghetto in Philly (thanks to the GPS going wacky).  And as for becoming a Queen......not bloody likely.  :-(

I have a new job.  I am travelling in Southern Ontario, and occasionally staying in hotels.

The biggest change is Fiona is gone.  I sold her to a lovely couple from Germany who are going to be travelling Ontario on weekend jaunts this year while they are here working.  I told them that when they go to sell her again......please call me first.

It has been an adjustment not living in Fiona.  I love not having to dump tanks and find water.....but boy o' boy do l miss my little space.

I do hope to get back on the road.....l am itching everyday to throw it all to the wind, but l am resisting.  Why?  Pray tell you say?  Money.  Doesn't it always come down to money?  Never enough of that shit around.  Not that l need much, but these are my "earning years".  What a crock that is!!!!  Ha ha ha


  1. Thank you Tammy for updating us :) Oh course you owe no one an apology. But to those that followed you, well, we worried when you disappeared from our lives. I'm glad your well, keep on keeping on! That lottery thing woulda been cool though!

  2. It's no wonder the above character signs anonymous-they are obviously an IDIOT. First they say they are not concerned about you Tammy, then they say you prob won a lottery and bought an island, then they say you owe no one an apology.
    How RIDICULOUS are they?
    The New Jersey carjack and murder during that time was not Canadian. However, they do happen often in that State (no surprise).
    Thanks for time wasted with numerous police dept and not much info to go on.
    CERTAINLY you owed us all an apology so thanks for that.

  3. Glad to hear you've been doing ok! Take your time with the blog, it can be tricky to fit it in with a busy lifestyle!